Wildfowl’s Best Duck Boats : Porta-Bote a Best duck hunting shallow water boat,

There’s no substitute for skimming  across the water in a real duck boat, Porta-Bote complete with a bad-ass mud motor jutting off the transom. Tow that sweet rig past any club and watch tongues wag—the retrievers too!

Portabotes are made of high-impact polypropylene, a remarkable engineered resin developed by the aerospace industry that is virtually puncture-proof and unaffected by salt or acid. No maintenance required. The color goes clear through so it never needs painting. All models meet U. S. Coast Guard specifications. All models come with three removable seats and a 10-year warranty.

Most hunters love their camo-clad duck sleds as much as the 4×4 trucks that pull them. The modern crop of duck assault boats are unstoppable, tough, stable and so durable, if you choose wisely you won’t need another for a very long time. You probably love them like a newborn—maybe more.

Here are some of the best boats money can buy. contact us sales@portaboat.ca or http://www.portaboat.ca

 Click on : Porta-Bote Action Video  


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