A New Tender From Porta-Bote

OCTOBER 30, 2013

This fold-up dinghy is now even more portable with the addition of an integral folding transom.

by Jen Brett
Porta-Bote Alpha folded
Porta-Boat Alpha folded

Finding space to store a dinghy aboard can be a challenge, especially on a small cruising boat. Porta-Bote is a folding boat that has had a bit of a cult following for decades, because it can fold flat and performs well with only a small outboard. The company’s latest release is called the Alpha Series, and unlike Porta-Botes of the past, instead of being a separate piece, the transom now folds as well. This new folding transom eliminates the need to remove or install the transom, which saves time during setup and takedown. What makes the Porta-Bote attractive to cruisers is that when folded, it can be stowed onboard pretty much anyplace you can store a surfboard—such as lashed to the stanchions or on the cabin-top—and it can be rowed, sailed, or used with a small outboard. The hull is constructed out of a copolymer polypropylene, which, according to the company, is very durable and resists damage from chemicals and saltwater and never needs painting.

The Porta-Bote Alpha Series is available in 8-foot, 10-foot, 12-foot and 14-foot models. For more information, http://www.portaboteme.com


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